Say NO to couch dating

5:00 am Nov. 10, 2014

There is a disturbing trend among singles that we have to confront right now: lazy dating. This zero effort, never having a plan kind of approach to dating is too commonplace. I

Before you close the deal…

7:39 am Nov. 6, 2014

One of my by friends recently hooked up with someone he met at a club. It wasn’t a one night stand, but they had very little time getting to know each other. I

Too vanilla?

7:18 am Nov. 5, 2014

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Part of making it work is being honest. That comes with a price, though. One of my friends said her man gave her some honest feedback and it hurt her feelings.

He basically said he would rate their sex life as vanilla in need of some passion fruit (couldn’t resist the bad pun, sorry). Then he went on

Cooking isn’t a deal breaker?

6:31 am Nov. 4, 2014

There are many reasons men admit to dumping someone: She was rude. She was crazy. I’ve even heard a guy admit a woman’s filthy car made him cringe. I was surprised to hear that a woman’s cooking skills won’t hurt her chances if they are bad.

While many men I ask say they appreciated if she has them, cooking skills doesn’t seem to be ranked that

Staying friends with the Ex? Tread lightly

7:18 am Nov. 3, 2014

I know it is mature to break up amicably and we all should do it. Things don’t always turn out that way, though. Some people come close and bravely decide to remain friends with an ex. If you go this route, you have to be certain that this is the right time. Things can get ugly really quickly if you aren’t careful.

If you still have

Handling disappearing acts

7:46 am Oct. 30, 2014

Most of us have had to deal with those oh so lovely disappearing acts in our dating past. You know, that is when someone is in hot and heavy pursuit for you for a smooth month, then suddenly stops calling. They get ghost and disappear leaving you bewildered.

Sometimes these ghosts come back to haunt you later, though. What happens then? Do you let them come back into

Dating: Asking a man out

7:51 am Oct. 29, 2014

I know several women who refuse to even consider asking a man out first. They believe that it is a man’s role to pursue and seek out them out. When the woman takes on that role, many believe that shifts the power dynamic. It’s interpreting the gender roles in its most basic form: women should not take the lead.

The few times I have seen women ask

Avoiding commitment?

7:34 am Oct. 28, 2014

One of our readers just discovered she is dating a commitment-phobe. It is something that took her by surprise. She said she asked all the right questions in the beginning, paying careful attention to what he said. After a couple of months, she realized he had no real desire to take things further.

When you are dating someone new, it is important to find out if you are

Should you play it dumb?

7:13 am Oct. 27, 2014

We all can name many shallow reasons not to date someone but would you dumb someone for being too intelligent? I ask because I have heard some women worry about appearing too smart and turning guys off. They actually try to dumb down in hopes of making a good impression. This could be misleading but some people risk it anyway.

When I asked one lady why she downplays

Ever worry about dating karma?

7:32 am Oct. 24, 2014

I was trying to cheer my buddy up because he just broke up with someone. It had been a messy break up after he caught her cheating on him with some married guy from her job. My friend thought she was the one and even had me scouting jewelry stores.

I felt bad for him and I tried to steer clear of the topic of karma. My friend broke