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Dating: The worst red flags

5:42 am Jun. 1, 2015

Whenever I see someone trapped in a bad relationship, I wonder how they could have overlooked early signs of foolishness.  The truly awful people aren’t able to hide their crazy for too long.  A lot of times, they reveal certain things that let you know what type of character they have.  Why don’t we pay more attention, though?

We explain away the previous relationship drama they had.  We ignore the bad

Dating: Acting weird post hook-up?

7:51 am Jan. 30, 2015

I think a lot of people are convinced that sex doesn’t really change the dynamic of a relationship – casual or serious. Then they try to figure out why the person they slept with is acting so awkward all of a sudden. Sometimes sex can alter the way a person treats you. What do you do when someone starts acting weird after you hook up?

For example, my

Can you separate sex and emotion?

8:01 am Dec. 4, 2014

The main reason some of my guy friends don’t have casual sex is because they worry about the fallout. Some women claim they can hook up with no emotional attachment but the exact opposite ends up happening. Either the woman was lying to the guy or herself. It’s not impossible to separate sex from emotional attachment, why are some people good at it while others are not?


First date: Hooking up

6:46 am Dec. 3, 2014

Maureen decided that she was going to go with the flow and hooked up with a guy on their first time hanging out. She felt comfortable with him and didn’t care much about giving him the wrong idea. Then he stopped calling her and then it bothered her. His disappearing act may not have anything to do with their hook up, but she regrets it.

First date hook ups

Faking it is a mistake?

7:41 am Nov. 18, 2014

The egos that we have can be fragile and easily bruised. This is especially true when it comes to our bedroom skills. No one wants to hear a bad review or get overly

Before you close the deal…

7:39 am Nov. 6, 2014

One of my by friends recently hooked up with someone he met at a club. It wasn’t a one night stand, but they had very little time getting to know each other. I

Too vanilla?

7:18 am Nov. 5, 2014

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Part of making it work is being honest. That comes with a price, though. One of my friends said her man gave her some honest feedback and it hurt her feelings.

He basically said he would rate their sex life as vanilla in need of some passion fruit (couldn’t resist the bad pun, sorry). Then he went on

Post-hook up reality check?

7:16 am Oct. 22, 2014

After you have been intimate with someone, do you think their behavior changes? I asked because one of my friends said that he thinks women often pull a bait and switch in dating. The switch comes after they hook up with someone.

I know, breaking news: Sex changes things, right? Is it because we expect different things after we get physical? The guys that I know think they

Is it too soon for sex?

7:17 am Sep. 15, 2014

The advice I get from male friends about dating usually follow a theme: take it slow. Time allows you to figure things out, become more comfortable, and rule people out. When it comes to sex, waiting gives you a chance to build up chemistry but how much waiting is necessary?

I know some people who hooked up on the first date and later married. This clearly won’t be

Relationships: Not in the mood?

5:33 am Sep. 10, 2014

Did you ever hear that story about a married guy who emailed his wife a spreadsheet about their sad sex life? He listed all the dates he asked for sex and the litany of