Should you reunite with your ex?

6:35 am Dec. 19, 2014

So this time of year can turn some of us into big softies. It is also prime season for exes to start popping up again. Conditions are perfect for this when your defenses

Betrayal: Do you want to know?

8:32 am Dec. 18, 2014

If you were in a relationship or marriage and your partner cheated on you, would you want to know? I ask because a friend is upset with her sister because she blew the whistle on her cheating man. She doesn’t think that it was right for her to reveal what she saw.

I think some people prefer to find out on their own or not all.

Don’t dump me now, It’s Christmas

5:00 am Dec. 17, 2014

If you didn’t dump your girlfriend or boyfriend in October, then you may be stuck until March. You missed a chance at Thanksgiving and now December is supposed to be a happy time. So you can’t be the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, so that means no dumping anyone in December.

I joke here but I do know a lot of women who figured out their guy picked a fight or

Should you befriend married people?

5:00 am Dec. 8, 2014

The is some debate among my friends about if and how you should befriend married people. I think you should befriend the couple, others think it is ok to become close friends with one. It seems like a slippery slope not worth the pitfalls that are sure to come.

Do you ever meet someone who is married and wants to be your friend? Do you proceed with


How long before you move on?

5:21 am Dec. 2, 2014

So I am a little worried about my friend Jen. She is stuck in a funk over her breakup with someone I didn’t know even mattered that much. Although, I know that it


Dealing with jealousy?

6:35 am Nov. 21, 2014

When I was in the middle of a ridiculous argument with by beau, I had an epiphany about jealousy. I realized jealousy was something we all go through but how we handle it speaks

New romance means compromise?

8:16 am Nov. 17, 2014

The new relationship you want to start will have a set of challenges you have to face. If you add in a couple of exes that could make it even harder. This is why one of our readers asked her new guy to stop hanging out with his ex. It made her uneasy and she thinks the ex is around in hopes they may get back together.


Cooking isn’t a deal breaker?

6:31 am Nov. 4, 2014

There are many reasons men admit to dumping someone: She was rude. She was crazy. I’ve even heard a guy admit a woman’s filthy car made him cringe. I was surprised to hear that a woman’s cooking skills won’t hurt her chances if they are bad.

While many men I ask say they appreciated if she has them, cooking skills doesn’t seem to be ranked that

Staying friends with the Ex? Tread lightly

7:18 am Nov. 3, 2014

I know it is mature to break up amicably and we all should do it. Things don’t always turn out that way, though. Some people come close and bravely decide to remain friends with an ex. If you go this route, you have to be certain that this is the right time. Things can get ugly really quickly if you aren’t careful.

If you still have

Ever worry about dating karma?

7:32 am Oct. 24, 2014

I was trying to cheer my buddy up because he just broke up with someone. It had been a messy break up after he caught her cheating on him with some married guy from her job. My friend thought she was the one and even had me scouting jewelry stores.

I felt bad for him and I tried to steer clear of the topic of karma. My friend broke