Have you failed the support test?

9:03 am Feb. 26, 2015

When you are in a relationship, it is only a matter of time before your relationship will be tested in different ways.  One of these tests is the “how do you handle intense situations” tests.  When things get tough, do you get going?  Do you step up and help thorough the crisis?  It begins to show how close you two are and how well you know one another.  

A friend

Should you live together first?

7:53 am Feb. 23, 2015

I know quite a few couples who decided that living together was the next logical step for them. I believe it will lead to marriage for some of them. I think it could be the beginning of the end for at least two of them. How do you know if living together is the right move for your relationship?

The times I’ve seen living together lead to marriage,

Dealing with the running backs

6:25 am Feb. 18, 2015

We’re not talking football here (I really miss football, though), we are talking about the running back into your life kind of people. The exes that always return at the worst time. My guy friends always told me that the running backs in my life are there because I let them think running in and out of my life is cool with me.

In some cases, it actually was


8:38 am Feb. 13, 2015

While the people behind Fifty Shades of Grey are capitalizing on the so called love holiday, some people are thinking about actual love. Our pursuit of love and happiness is why we put up

Relocate without a ring?

7:53 am Feb. 9, 2015

I keep watching episodes of House Hunter International. It features couples looking for a place to live abroad. I noticed that a fair amount of the people were not married. One of them would have a job opportunity and the other decided to go with them. To a new country. With no real promise of marriage. That’s commitment.

Call me romantic but I love the idea of

Need answers: Should we ask our exes?

7:23 am Feb. 4, 2015

I was watching Raising Whitley on OWN recently starring comedienne Kim Whitley. She was meeting up with her now married ex to find out why they never made it to the alter. He gave her some very honest feedback that she was open to hearing.

I wondered if contacting people from your past could shed some light on what we did wrong and improve our chances in our

Let those skeletons out!

8:24 am Feb. 3, 2015

The main concern for a lot of single people is what happens when the truth comes about. The things we did when we were young and dumb. Heck, the foolish thing we did last month can even haunt us! We spend too much energy worrying about what someone will think of us. What if we just let all those skeletons out?

It could be terrifying but it can

Is compatibility the secret to longevity?

8:43 am Jan. 29, 2015

I recently met a couple who had been married for 17 years. They told me that when they first met, they really paid attention to compatibility. Although they had very different childhoods and backgrounds, they were similar with important things. How do you gauge your compatibility when you seem to be very different?

If you agree on how to raise kids, the kind of life you want to

Are they into Strip clubs?

7:46 am Jan. 21, 2015

The city of Atlanta has no shortage of places to go and see scantily clad women dance around. It shouldn’t surprise you when you meet someone who spends a lot free time at strip clubs. My friend Kate thinks there should be some concern if too much time is spent there. If they are into strip clubs, is it a red flag?

Some people treat these places like

How do you define cheating?

7:59 am Jan. 15, 2015

There has been a little bit of debate among friends about what is considered cheating. I remember when my ex tried to explain to me that his married friend texting with a woman shouldn’t be classified as cheating. It’s almost like we try to blur the lines between what is cheating and what is harmless flirt.

Realistically, the only definition of cheating we should be concerned about is our