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Dating: But we just broke up!

7:43 am May. 4, 2015

This weekend Jenna discovered her last boyfriend is engaged to be married. They just broke up in January.  Obviously it’s a shock to her since he claimed she was rushing the relationship after 1 year.  Since he proposed to his new woman so fast, she feels betrayed.  She also wonders if he was seeing this woman before they officially broke up.

When a relationship ends, do you think a cooling off

Monogamy easier for women?

7:38 am Apr. 24, 2015

I have talked to people who believe that men aren’t “designed” to be faithful.  They point to biology and the desire to spread seeds or something.  What baffles me is when they say women manage mongamgy so much easier.  I am not clear on what evidence they have for this.  Why do some believe that women can be faithful with such ease?

People cheat for different reasons and I think women

What is wife material?

8:09 am Apr. 13, 2015

A friend of mine was told that in order to be wife material, she probably should not be out every weekend.  Apparently, single women who go out too much can send the wrong message?  I suppose the idea is that you have to actually show that you are ready to settle down.

I don’t ever hear about men being told this, though.  Are men expected to show they are husband material?

Does marriage change everything?

8:12 am Feb. 6, 2015

When I hear about the pre-marital counseling sessions that couples take, I wonder if they are told the truth. A lot of people worry about what marriage will be like in comparison to a dating relationship. Well, it should change everything because marriage is different.

What we really wonder if it will change everything for the worse. Will the things we once loved about them suddenly drive us

How do you define cheating?

7:59 am Jan. 15, 2015

There has been a little bit of debate among friends about what is considered cheating. I remember when my ex tried to explain to me that his married friend texting with a woman shouldn’t be classified as cheating. It’s almost like we try to blur the lines between what is cheating and what is harmless flirt.

Realistically, the only definition of cheating we should be concerned about is our

Before you settle down…

5:00 am Oct. 23, 2014

I met up with some friends for dinner recently and one of them brought up his pending nuptials. He said that when he met his now fiancée he already knew he was ready to settle down. There was not much left for him to explore, discover or conquer.

Get your mind out of the gutter, kids. He wasn’t only referring to sexual conquests. Generally, he doesn’t

Jumping the broom!

7:27 am Sep. 2, 2014

I had a wonderful time attending my cousin’s wedding this weekend. When you go watch a couple who genuinely love one another get married, it reminds you of true love. Also, for what it’s worth, knowing that people still want to marry is reassuring!

Single life is awesome and fun (mostly) but when you meet someone you can’t live without, jumping the broom seems like the

Marriage: Husband qualities?

7:11 am Aug. 18, 2014

There are important things that married couples I know say helped them in their first years of marriage. You are adapting to one another and learning more than you ever did though dating. It helps when you are both mature and good communicators. My friend Chris said a man should possess certain “husband” qualities too.

Chris told me that until he got married, he didn’t know how

Does it matter who proposes?

6:50 am Jul. 29, 2014

There is a photo that keeps popping up on social media that generated a little buzz. The image shows a young African American lady bending down in front of her man with a ring… proposing in front of a lot of people. The guy seems shocked and somewhat pleased. I wondered if he said yes, and if so, was he truly ready for this huge step in

Are they marriage material?

5:00 am Jul. 21, 2014

I have heard some men state that part of dating is determining if a woman is marriage material. The men who want a wife seem to know if the women they meet exhibit qualities a wife should have. Generally speaking, I think women also view romantic prospects through a husband-father prism.

So how would you determine if someone is marriage material? I’ve heard one man say