Date is going downhill, now what?

7:47 am Mar. 20, 2015

Have you ever been on a date that suddenly started to go off the rails?  Perhaps they drank to much liquor or got too boisterous.  The idea of spending another hour with them has become too much to bear.  What do you do?  One of my friends who is a doctor faked an emergency.  I once saw a guy pretend to have a seizure!  There is no easy way to

What is your privacy policy?

7:17 am Mar. 18, 2015

It usually takes time to feel comfortable with sharing personal details with people you date.  I can understand wanting to wait to disclose the heavy stuff.  How long do you wait, though?  I know a friend who found a lot of information about her husband after they were engaged or married.  He said while they were dating, it was basically “need to know” and so he kept things to himself.


Should you return after disappearing?

8:10 am Mar. 16, 2015

Last year, my friend Vince met a really nice woman and asked her out.  The first couple of dates went so well that he was excited about getting to know her better.  Then his ex-girlfriend decided she want him back – as exes are wont to do when we meet someone new!  Vince disappeared from the nice lady’s life with no explanation.  He always felt guilty about it and admits

Do you think romance is dead?

7:36 am Mar. 13, 2015

I know some people who think that their partner is romantically challenged.  I’ve also met single people who say that a romantic date or gesture is a foreign concept.  Perhaps romance could use better PR

Background checking your date?

5:00 am Mar. 11, 2015

My friend Lynn met a super nice guy at a work event and they hit off really well.  They have already been on two “amazing dates” and she is feeling optimistic.  You’d think she would be happy and completely relishing in all his new guy shininess. You’d be wrong. She thinks he is TOO good to be true and now she wants to run a background check on him. A

Actions speak louder

8:15 am Mar. 9, 2015

There are a lot of people on the dating scene who know what to say to get what they want.  After a couple of run-ins with this kind, you begin to know how to spot them.  They talk a good game but do they also back up their words with actions?

I think we get caught up in the chase and when we actually stop chasing, we get bored.  This is

Attraction: What do you notice first?

7:07 am Mar. 5, 2015

Have you ever been out somewhere and noticed someone who instantly drew you in?  There are things we first notice about people that can attract us to them.  I’ve seen men who just have sex

Stuck in a rut?

7:36 am Feb. 12, 2015

There is a romantic “holiday” in two days and it is the perfect time to switch things up. Dinner and a movie is the dullest thing ever yet many of us get stuck on this repeat. Why is that?

You don’t have to be a master dater or some reality TV star to impress your date with something different and unique. A little listening, Internet

Relationships: Outsiders weigh in?

8:05 am Feb. 10, 2015

One of our readers has been dating someone who is super close to his family. This is usually a nice thing but in this particular case it is unsettling. He has a meddlesome mother and two opinionated sisters who are always butting in to the relationship.

The latest overstep involved the sisters telling him that he should not spend a lot of money on her this Valentine’s Day.

Dating: What if they have a bad rep?

6:08 am Jan. 28, 2015

One of our readers would like a little advice with their dating dilemma. “Rachel” has been dating a guy she met at church for a couple of weeks. Someone at church heard they were dating and it wasn’t long before she started getting unsolicited info on the guy. Turns out he has a bad dating reputation.

She was going to dismiss it at first. When they gave