Advice from your ex?

I saw one of those Steve Harvey talk show episodes the other day.  He surprised a single woman and invited 5 of her ex-boyfriends to the show.  They were all there to offer feedback and advice after their experience dating her.  This is like my idea of hell.  I try to pretend at least two of my exes don’t exist, I would be mortified at seeing them and hearing them tell me why I’m still single. 

This brave single woman faced her exes and listened to feedback. She was too aloof, not very ladylike, and didn’t make the men feel needed or loved. She seemed shocked to hear them say these things.  Oddly enough, three of them said they were still open to dating her.

Do you think your exes can give you advice on dating? Would you be open to hearing what they had to say?  

What advice would you give your exes?

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