Online dating: Are they even single?

The amount of patience one must have to meet and date online is at an all time high.  Having a sense of humor helps too.  You spend a lot of time weeding through the people who you know will be incompatible for one reason or another.  Then when you actually select a viable option, you probably wonder why someone so great is even single. Many times – they aren’t! Not even close to being single. No pending divorce. No legal separation.  They are married and living home while dating online. 

One dating app Hinge will be doing its part to combat married people infiltrating their app.  They will flip a switch and post everyone’s actual Facebook relationship status.  At least those daters can make a more informed decision.  To be fair, many single people don’t mind dating people who are already married.  It’s not just married people on the prowl for single prey.

Do you have a hard time meeting people who are actually single in online dating?  Have you ever met someone really nice only to find out they are VERY married?

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