What’s wrong with juggling dates?

I wonder why some of my guy friends get confused about dating multiple women at the same time.  It seems really obvious that this is something you should only do if you are upfront about it.  They usually resort to some kind of trickery or deceit to juggle dates.  This is why I believe they should try the one woman at a time approach.

I am not totally  opposed to someone seeing different people at once.  I just rarely see anyone do it without drama.  I’d argue that most people who juggle dates suck at it.  The idea is to be open to spending time with a couple of people who have potential.  If things go well, you can eventually “pare” down the list to at least two people.  Now the problem is, who wants to feel like some kind of competitor on a dating show?  Ours egos get in the way of juggling dates, so it really has a short shelf life.

Do you find it easy to date multiple people at the same time?  Is it wrong to juggle dates?  What do you tell the people who are jockeying for quality time with you?

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