Should you return after disappearing?

Last year, my friend Vince met a really nice woman and asked her out.  The first couple of dates went so well that he was excited about getting to know her better.  Then his ex-girlfriend decided she want him back – as exes are wont to do when we meet someone new!  Vince disappeared from the nice lady’s life with no explanation.  He always felt guilty about it and admits that he doesn’t know why he handled things that way.

Disappearing acts have become commonplace in dating.  They happen for many reasons but is it possible to make a comeback from one? Vince is single again  and  just heard that the nice woman he met is back on the singles market.  He let her get away once but wants to reach out and apologize.  Obviously he would like another shot but most women would not trust someone after a disappearing act.

Have you ever wanted to return after dropping out of someone’s life?  Would you be open to talking to someone who got ghost?

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