Background checking your date?

My friend Lynn met a super nice guy at a work event and they hit off really well.  They have already been on two “amazing dates” and she is feeling optimistic.  You’d think she would be happy and completely relishing in all his new guy shininess. You’d be wrong. She thinks he is TOO good to be true and now she wants to run a background check on him. A basic Google search won’t cut it, either. She actually wants a professional background check.

Of courses I don’t blame anyone who wants to be cautious and careful about who they let into their lives, homes, and heart. I just question the need for a background check.  Am I naive?  Wouldn’t time and discernment eventually tell you all need to know?

What do you think? Are we performing background checks because we are too cynical to get excited about someone?  Would you consider doing one on someone you really liked? 

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