Actions speak louder

There are a lot of people on the dating scene who know what to say to get what they want.  After a couple of run-ins with this kind, you begin to know how to spot them.  They talk a good game but do they also back up their words with actions?

I think we get caught up in the chase and when we actually stop chasing, we get bored.  This is when all that lip service comes up short and folks pull disappearing acts.  When you meet someone you really like, do you believe their talk or watch their actions?  It’s tough trying to determine if people are authentic, how do you figure people out?

One of our readers said she likes a guy she met who showers her with attention but has yet to take her out.  He will send Good Morning texts and call her by phone, but claims a busy work schedule has prevented him from scheduling a date.  Is it a sign or should his actions speak louder than his words? 

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