Feeling guilty about your breakups?

I was watching a film recently about a guy who was about to be married. He was reflecting on all the heartbreak he caused before he met his fiancée and it was weighing on his conscious.  He decided to travel around to find the women he hurt the most and let them know he was sorry for pain he caused them.

As you can imagine, not everyone was happy to see him. He faced a lot of hostility.  He had pulled that oh so lovely “disappearing act” on multiple women.  He admitted to his cowardice behavior and apologized for the way he handled things.  Can you picture yourself going on some Apology Tour?

We all probably have someone we should apologize to and make amends.  Not everyone needs closure but it van take away some of the sting in a painful memory.  Do you ever think about the romantic crimes you have committed?  Do you feel guilty about breaking up or the manner in which you ended things with someone?

Photo: improveyourworld.com

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