Men and women are wired differently

The scientists tell us that men and women are wired differently.  How brains, logic, and reasoning don’t always mirror one another.  I think this can be both a blessing and a curse.   In the context of a relationship, it can become  challenging to understand the perspective of one another.  Take for instance, being friends with a former lover.  Some people see nothing wrong with it, others may not see the point.

My friend Allie said she flat out lied when her new guy asked if her friend Paul was a former fling.  She and Paul are still really close and she thought it would be “better for all involved” if she revised their history.  She thought it was innocent and easier.  When the truth comes out, it could be the reason Paul walks.  He won’t see it as innocent and may wonder why she couldn’t be upfront about it.

Would you ever conceal the true nature of your past relationship?  Is it tough to accept that your partner is still close with someone they used to date?  Are you still friends with your ex?


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