Dealing with the running backs

We’re not talking football here (I really miss football, though), we are talking about the running back into your life kind of people. The exes that always return at the worst time. My guy friends always told me that the running backs in my life are there because I let them think running in and out of my life is cool with me.

In some cases, it actually was cool with me. Some of my favorite running backs came back with trips, gifts, and great sex. Others came back to wreak havoc and turn my life upside down. These are the ones I had to retire.

When you decide that you don’t want someone popping up and causing you stress, start by saying goodbye. Tell them you wish them well. Then block their number and let your mutual friends know you don’t want updates on them. Also tell them they should not give them updates on you.

How do you handle the running backs in your life? Do you ever ask why they keep disappearing on you only to run back months later?

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