Don’t dump me in a text message, bro!

There are few breakups that don’t inflict pain and disappointment. We don’t ever like feeling rejected or discarded. If you take the cowardly way out and dump someone in a text message, you make it even more difficult to move on. Why do so many people think that text messages is an appropriate way to end a relationship with someone?

It is cold and heartless and it robs the person of dignity. I know most of us hate awkward and uncomfortable situations. We often avoid them at all costs. We are adults, though. Grown ups should be able to say this is not working, right? My friend Sam thinks breaking up “from a safe distance” is best if the person is unstable. Why are you dating unstable people?!

Would you ever break up over text or email? Do you ever worry that you may see them again after that cold way of ending things?

What is the best way to end a relationship?

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