Time to meet in real life?

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Tis the season for ..online dating! According to the experts, singles use the new year to focus on their dating lives. This means some of us are logging on to find love and created (updated?) a dating profile on some website. I already received an email asking for advice!

If you meet online and find someone you click with, how soon should you take it offline? Personally, if I am smitten, I think I would get a meet up on the schedule as soon as possible. That online chemistry may not translate very well offline. To be honest, some folks are best left on the Internet!

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If you find a person who could potentially be a good match, are you willing to meet up and explore things sooner or later? My friend Renee waits weeks before she considers this because of safety concerns. It’s good to be safe when you go and take someone with you. Don’t end up shot and robbed at the Waffle House!

When do you know it is the right time to meet in person? How long do you wait to schedule a date if you met the person at the gym or a club? Should there be any difference?

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