Should we wait for the spark?

When you meet someone and you have that instant attraction to someone, that won’t always translate into chemistry. Sometimes what you feel when you meet someone changes when they show their personality. You either become more attracted or start to get turned off by something they do or say. What do you when you like someone enough but there is no big spark?

My friend Nelson said he met a really attractive woman and asked her out. The date went fine but her personality was a little dry and they had no real chemistry. He said he couldn’t think of a reason to ask her out again since they did not really connect that well. Is it possible that a 2nd or 3rd date is needed to see if spark develops later?

Have you ever been on a date and didn’t really hit it off and later things turned out to pop off with some chemistry?

Would you go on a second date if the first one was missing the spark?

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