How long before you move on?

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So I am a little worried about my friend Jen. She is stuck in a funk over her breakup with someone I didn’t know even mattered that much. Although, I know that it may not be him she is mourning specifically. Sometimes we just get mad at another dating disappointment.

Jen is convinced she had real feelings for the guy and she is wallowing in self- pity about this “loss” of a relationship. I will let her have the next two weeks but then I am staging a friend intervention.

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It is kind of weird how we have to end faux relationships and flings that feel like break ups; but what are they really? How long does it take you to shake it off (Word to Taylor Swift) and move on after you end things?

What is your post break up pattern? I start having a love affair with Netflix and start crushing on some books. My friend Jay said he basically goes out and try to get laid as much as possible. When he ended a 2 year relationship, I thought I would have to stage an intervention on him because he showed no signs of dialing it back.

Clearly we all deal with break ups differently, why does it seem to be easier for some folks to move on? Or are we all just faking our happiness?

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