Vegas, baby! Vegas!

Hello lovelies! I’m leaving our wonderful city for a mini-vacation in Las Vegas! I plan to have loads of fun and debauchery which is just what I need.
Sometimes it is good to get away and take a break. It is one of the perks of being single! You get to plan a getaway with your girls/homies and not offend your significant other.

One of my friends mentioned that the last time she went on a vacation she met her now boyfriend who happened to live in the same city. Why does it seem we have to go all around the world to meet someone who lives across town. Isn’t that strange? Do you think that means we don’t really do enough to meet people in our own town?

When you go on vacation are you open to meeting someone new even though chances are you wont live near one another?

What do you guys have planned for the Thanksgiving holiday?

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