New romance means compromise?

The new relationship you want to start will have a set of challenges you have to face. If you add in a couple of exes that could make it even harder. This is why one of our readers asked her new guy to stop hanging out with his ex. It made her uneasy and she thinks the ex is around in hopes they may get back together.

When you date someone new, expecting them to change or rearrange their life for you seems like a lot. I was never good at this because I preferred to wait until I knew if the relationship had a chance before I started changing anything. Perhaps that is selfish but at least I try to be a little cautious. Why do we expect so much from a new romance? Are you open to change if it made someone more comfortable?

As for advice to our reader, should she expect her new guy to forfeit his friendship with his ex? Is it unfair to ask if it is her issue and not his?

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