Do you need technology to get a date?

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Someone joked to me recently that if it were not for the Internet and their smartphone, they would never get dates. A lot of single people have come to not only rely on, but depend on technology to meet people. The last couple of dates my friend Jeff has had, he met through Tinder.

As we discussed yesterday, doing a cold approach can have its drawbacks. When you use social media and technology to find potential dates, it can seem easier, but is it really?


Online dating and mobile dating apps change how we interact on the dating scene but I worry about the things that we lose in all of this convenience. Do we lose our face to face flirting muscle? Do we forget how to engage someone we are attracted to without some kind of prescreening process?

I know my friend Jeff complains a lot about finding someone on an dating app, expecting some chemistry but the spark isn’t there. Will our dating practices eventually feel more like interviews and less like a natural process?

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