Before you close the deal…

One of my by friends recently hooked up with someone he met at a club. It wasn’t a one night stand, but they had very little time getting to know each other. I wasn’t judging him on it, but I wondered why he was surprised that he discovered a lot about her after they hooked up that bothered him. Why didn’t he find out before he got intimate with her?

My friend isn’t dense but he made a bonehead move when he decided that his need to get laid was reason enough to overlook pertinent information. When the woman revealed she was not yet divorced and still living with her husband – he felt as if she played some kind of game.

I suppose that is a lesson learned the hard way. What information do you think people need to know before sleeping with someone? Do you usually get a lot of information if you aren’t in a relationship with them? How well do we really know these people?

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