Does love make us crazy?

When you find yourself stuck in the chimney of your ex-boyfriend’s house, you have to wonder how you got there. Not literally, of course, but it is symbolic! Ms. Figueroa from California probably thought she was doing what women in love do. Her ration and logic took a vacation and left her with desperate and unreasonable.

Photo credit: VCFD_PIO twitter

Let’s face it, love and infatuation can make you do stupid things. You ever ride around your man or woman’s house looking for strange cars? Congrats, you did something stupid for love. Have you looked up pictures of their hot coworkers on Facebook? Yea, that’s right, you can’t judge chimney girl too harshly. We’ve all been there.

The question is why? Why do we do stupid things when we fall hard for someone? What is the craziest thing you did or had done to you in the name of love?

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