Reality check: Women burp!

I know what Beyonce sings, but not everyone wakes up flawless. Mere mortals are subject to having displays of human behavior all the time. The reason women love empowerment songs like this is because affirmation is good to hear! The images we see of photoshopped models and retouched photos everyday can make it tough to remember to love ourselves as we are.

Even in dating, women try to keep up some unrealistic facade that they don’t burp, fart, or go to the bathroom. I know many women who go to extreme lengths to conceal their normal body functions. Will a guy really like you less because you burped? Better to know now!

My friend tells me he grew up with women so he suffers from no illusions that women are human and still beautiful. Another friend of mine grew up with brothers and often is critical about women and their looks. I just think it goes to show that some men have unrealistic expectations of women.

Guys have you ever dated someone who hid their normal maintenance routine from you? Did she want you to think she woke up flawless?

Ladies do you ever feel pressure to be dainty and ladylike around your guy? How long do you try to keep the mystery?

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