Interested in someone? Don’t be subtle!

When you are truly interested in someone and you are ready to make a move, you can’t always be subtle. Some people don’t get subtlety at all! There are signs that can hard to read. Body language, eye contact, and even flirting can get missed. How do you let someone know you are interested and not just being polite?

I know that I don’t automatically assume that men who are friendly are interested. Up until the moment a guy asks for my phone number, I consider it flirting at best. When I want a guy to know he has the green light, I give him my full attention. If I put down my iPhone that means you had me at HELLO.

I know a lot of men who can’t tell when a woman is interested in them. They may even keep their distance until they feel it is a good time to make their move. Guys how do you know when you have the green light to pursue someone? How do women let you know they want your phone number?

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