Do you have to be a perfect match?

A young lady wrote in wanting to know if she should be worried that she does not have much in common with her new guy. Sara is 5 years younger, was raised in the south, and is a party girl. Her man is older, from the Midwest, and is a devout Christian.

My first question to her was, “Uh where did you two kids even meet!?” She said a Braves game. A friend of hers had great seats through work and he was sitting behind her [Sidebar: get thee to a sporting event ladies, especially when you like sports]. They have a great time but she wonders if they should have more in common in order for things to progress to the next level. Is she overreacting?

When you are in a relationship, does it make things easier when you have more in common? Have you ever dated someone who seemed a lot different from you and your background?

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