First impressions matter?

Some people put a lot of effort into the “image” they want to project on the dating scene because they know first impressions are important. Basically, a lot of people think you can judge a book by its cover when you’re single. Of course, this leads to rampant use of false identities, faux personalities, and fraudulent lies. A bit hyperbolic, maybe but have you ever met someone and got the bait and switch later? It’s awful.

Why are first impressions that important if they are based on so little information? Hasn’t someone ever become more attractive after you get to know them better?

I know a guy who spends so much time in the gym but could barely hold a conversation about anything besides pop culture or sports. He surely would turn heads but beyond that, it’s snooze city! If first impressions are so superficial, why do we rule people out when we spot something we don’t like?

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