Dating for cash?

I watched Lisa Ling’s new series on CNN, “This is Life” last night. The premiere episode was about Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby dating dynamic. The term alone makes my skin crawl but I wanted to hear about the experiences people shared.

There was a 69 year old man from Atlanta who was seeing a 32 year old woman. What surprised me is that they genuinely liked each other’s company. Their relationship had financial perks but there was no sexual intimacy. The woman talked of how much he has taught her about business and life in general. I expected to judge them but I actually was sort of moved by their connection.

Is it possible the wealthy older man/woman dating the younger woman/man stereotype is unfair?

Dating for financial interests sounds tacky but is it all that different than seeking someone who can support them?

Have you ever sought out potential dates to get financial support or sponsorship?

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