What if all their friends cheat?

I think it is good to meet the friends of the people you are dating. It can allow you to see them in their element, for one. It also reveals who they consider their inner circle. Although you can learn a lot of good information, there are times when you see or hear something alarming.

Anna met her boyfriends entire crew and learned they all cheat on their wives. Literally all of his closest friends have extra curricular activities that their wives/girlfriends don’t know about. Anna said her man mentioned it sort of casually like he was cool with covering for them. She even saw him give an alibi to his best friend’s wife. What do you think that sort of behavior says about her man?

If you met the friends of someone you are dating, how would you react if they turned out to be cheaters? Would you be able to participate in covering for them?

If you were with someone who seemed to have no problems with infidelity, would it become a problem if you saw things differently?

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