Dating: Picked the wrong one?

Have you ever invested a lot of time and effort in someone only to find out they are a raging jerk? Even when you take your time and pay attention to red flags, things can go downhill. It’s what makes dating about taking risks.

The fact is that taking calculated risks can still end up with the wrong one. I’ve seen people stick it out anyway, though! They don’t want to admit that they invested in the wrong one. Why is that? This is why I believe some single people are dating for the wrong reasons. When the fairy tale in their head isn’t coming to life, they start to manufacture a facade for appearances.

Listen, if you figure out the person you have been with is not right for you, you can’t let it continue on in hopes it will work. That’s lose-lose. How long should it really take to know that you picked the wrong one? What do you do when you figure it out?


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