Relationships: Not in the mood?

Did you ever hear that story about a married guy who emailed his wife a spreadsheet about their sad sex life? He listed all the dates he asked for sex and the litany of excuses his wife gave him.


The wife posted it on the site Reddit because she was that angry he emailed her on her way out of town on a 10-day trip. You can pretty much tell what their relationship dynamic is when it comes to communication!

When everyone was debating this on the internet, a lot of men I know used this as an example of why men don’t look forward to marriage. Who wants to get rejected for sex by their significant other all the time ?? I think it’s a legitimate concern but I don’t believe it’s a valid excuse not to get married or in a relationship.

You won’t always be in sync with your partner on a lot of things, including sex and matching libidos. How you handle the issue will determine how well you cope with these problems.

Do you ever worry about being with someone who isn’t on the same page as you are in the bedroom? What would you do if you received a spreadsheet that listed all the excuses you gave not to have sex? Would you ever resort to this tactic if you were fed up with the rejection?

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