Dating: Are you too giving?


Have you ever met someone who has the biggest heart and is super generous who constantly gets taken for granted? It is so interesting how they gravitate to the ” takers” and end up giving too much. This is common when the “good” guys and the “sweet girls” give a lot to their relationships.

I’ve seen people invest in businesses of the person they are dating. I’ve watched people pay tuition for kids who aren’t their own. All very generous things to do …in a marriage! Dating is probably the time when your generosity should be careful and measured. It’s all about balance.

If you notice that you are the only one giving and giving and their is no appreciation or reciprocity, you should pay attention. Being generous is an admirable trait but sometimes it can make you a target.

What would you do if someone was taking your generosity for granted. Do you know when you’re being used?

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