Dating Single-ish people

My friend Heather was seeing someone she met through mutual friends. This weekend she found out that he isn’t exactly single. He is technically married but in the process of getting a divorce. The fact that she learned this from someone else was a problem. She also is worried that she is now the official rebound girl.

I can understand her reservations. Dating someone fresh from a divorce could be complicated. Dating someone who is basically married and has yet to go through the roller coaster of divorce is been more daunting. If they withhold the fact that they are single-ish, you do wonder why they didn’t mention it.

If you were planning to divorce, do you start searching for dates before your marriage is officially over?

Have you ever dated someone who was legally separated or still living with their soon-to-be ex?

What would you do if you found out your date was technically married?

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