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First impressions matter?

6:54 am Sep. 30, 2014

Some people put a lot of effort into the “image” they want to project on the dating scene because they know first impressions are important. Basically, a lot of people think you can judge a book by its cover when you’re single. Of course, this leads to rampant use of false identities, faux personalities, and fraudulent lies. A bit hyperbolic, maybe but have you ever met someone

Dating for cash?

5:50 am Sep. 29, 2014

I watched Lisa Ling’s new series on CNN, “This is Life” last night. The premiere episode was about Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby dating dynamic. The term alone makes my skin crawl but I wanted to hear about the experiences people shared.

There was a 69 year old man from Atlanta who was seeing a 32 year old woman. What surprised me is that they genuinely liked each other’s

What if all their friends cheat?

8:15 am Sep. 26, 2014

I think it is good to meet the friends of the people you are dating. It can allow you to see them in their element, for one. It also reveals who they consider their inner circle. Although you can learn a lot of good information, there are times when you see or hear something alarming.

Anna met her boyfriends entire crew and learned they all cheat on their wives.

Screening your dates?

7:06 am Sep. 25, 2014

One thing I admire about single men is the fact that they usually screen their dates so well. I’m not talking google searches or background checks. I have male friends who will size someone up and take notice of how she carries herself. They also ask good questions before asking her out.

This screening process can weed out a lot of incompatible, unstable people. Why don’t

Dating: Do you really know them?

6:30 am Sep. 24, 2014

A friend of mine, Ray, has been seeing someone for two years. Ray has been very happy in this relationship so I was surprised when he mentioned a pending break up. When I asked why, he said his girlfriend really misrepresented herself…a lot.

I thought he was overreacting until I got more information. She did sort of revise her past, lie by omission, and pretended to be someone

Relationship refresh?

6:00 am Sep. 23, 2014

Single people aren’t the only ones that get bored easily. People in relationships often feel the need to refresh the spark when things get dull. It is very easy to fall into a couple routine. You go the same places and do the same thing over and over. What do you so to mix it up?

One of our readers wants to spice things up, but he worries

Dating: Picked the wrong one?

7:22 am Sep. 22, 2014

Have you ever invested a lot of time and effort in someone only to find out they are a raging jerk? Even when you take your time and pay attention to red flags, things

Standards too high?

6:37 am Sep. 19, 2014

One of our readers has asked for advice from the blog. Her friends and family tell her that she should be more realistic about what she wants in a mate. She is seeking someone who brings what she does to the table: in shape, educated, ambitious, and attractive.

Because people tell her she has met and dated this type before, they wonder if she uses these standards

That’s not boring, that’s love

7:30 am Sep. 18, 2014

When I hear someone whine about things being too boring in their relationship, I suggest they go rob a bank with their partner. If excitement is what you seek in a romantic relationship, what does that really mean? When you reach a certain maturity level, you don’t want drama and too much excitement. You want peace and passion!

I think some people get into a healthy relationship and don’t know

Dating: I’m seeing other people

7:07 am Sep. 17, 2014

Single people get distracted so easily. Some of us flat out have dating ADD! There is a tricky balancing act that comes with “putting yourself out there” and slowing down the sliding doors of dating. How do you pause things long enough to explore something with someone?

My friend Jenna says she isn’t great at juggling men. If she sees a guy she likes and the chemistry is there,