Size matters?

So I have been a dating blogger for about 100 years and this is a true first, people: A guy told me his date sort of demanded to see his package. YES that package. Apparently, size queens are becoming more direct! She wanted to know what to expect before things went any further with them. He didn’t comply with her request and she thinks it was because he feared reaction.

I admire her courage but I am disappointed that she believes size is that important. Obviously, people don’t want to end up with a partner who can’t satisfy them but weak sex can happen to anyone for any reason. Is it worth it to have a guy lose respect or attraction for you because you want him to drop his trousers?

How does size rank in matter of importance? Are women dumping guys who aren’t a certain size?

Guys what would you do or say if your date asked to show your goods? Would you be offended, amused, embarrassed? Would you expect something to happen?

Some women are more forward and aggressive, but is this going too far?

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