Dating : The call plan

When you meet someone and exchange numbers, do you usually plan to call them in a week’s time? I remember a guy asking for my number and called it like months later. I only programmed him in phone as “Patrick” from CVS because that is literally the only info I had. What is the point of calling months later, though?

Taking someone’s number out of feigned interest or pity is second to outright rejection. If there is not real intent to get to know someone more, you can always say “Hey, nice running into you” and then keep it moving.

Of course this is all part of the dating game, which we all know is really a numbers game – no pun intended. It is smart to actively ask for and get phone numbers to increase the likelihood that you can actually connect with someone later.

Do you give your number to people with whom you are unsure? If you are mildly attracted to them or the first impression was not great, what do you do when they give you their number?

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