The Singles Project

Alright, I know Bravo TV airs a lot of crazy stuff – some filmed right here in Atlanta. However their new dating show The Singles Project is one of those social experiments that I am compelled to watch. It is filmed in New York and then airs the same week so that America can weigh in on social media with advice, requests for dates, and feedback.

There are six singles featured on the show. Some more charming then others. I was smitten by the Dentist because he seemed like a good guy trying to do the right thing. He seemed like he had some dating ethics – although the cameras kind of forced him to be honest.

The Dentist invited a model to his home for the first date and his brother/roommate was there, as was his girlfriend. I have never had a guy ask me out in a group setting on the first date. I wonder if that takes a little pressure off the first date? I should try that!

Would you take issue with a group setting for a date?

Would you ever be open to letting cameras follow you around to document your dating misadventures?



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