Boring! Should you dump them?


A reader wrote in asking what should she do about her new relationship that has become a little stale. It has been about a year and the novelty of a new guy has worn off. They’ve slipped into a little routine of doing the same “boring” things and she wondered if it is time to let it go.

I think most relationships settle into a little of a rut at times. You both get comfortable and the mystery is all but gone. It’s natural to want a little spark back. I don’t think dumping them is a good idea though. This is when you step it up and get creative! Spice up the sex. Surprise one another with different dates or weekend getaways.

When you get bored, you could become easily tempted and distracted. This is when a lot of people cheat on their significant others. The sooner you break up the monotony the better off things can be with the romance.

Do you have a bored problem? Do you get bored easily with dating someone exclusively? How do you keep it hot and interesting? How do you know when it is too boring to stick around?

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