Could you date someone jobless?

A friend of mine met a guy on MARTA and later found out he was currently unemployed. She considered losing his number and I kind of made her feel bad about it. They were hitting it off really well and she was excited after their first date. I haven’t seen her that happy about a potential in years! So I asked her if his unemployment status was a reason to dump him.

I pointed out the hypocrisy in her attitude about him considering she just got a new job after being unemployed for a long time. If he shows signs do actively looking for a job, why can’t she be open to what may happen next?

She pushed back and asked if I could date a jobless guy. I have and I would if they had ambition and coped with their unemployment fairly well. The stress and anxiety of not having a job can make some people hard to be around. There are also some people who are resourceful, ambitious and manage life’s challenges.

Would you take a pass on someone just because they had no current income? Do you think it is wrong to disregard someone unemployed?


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