Dating: When you’re not the only one

A reader, Jan, wrote in asking for advice on what to do about her situation. She believed the man she had been seeing the last few weeks was only pursing her. She find out that wasn’t the case when she spotted him at a restaurant with another woman.

Ok, can I just say that this happens in Atlanta all the time? It seems as if people would just be upfront just to avoid awkward scenes at Buckhead restaurants. But, I digress. The encounter caught her off guard and left her feeling unwanted. Would you want to continue to see someone after you realized you aren’t the only romantic interest they were pursuing?

Do you think Jan should seek out other guys now that she knows the man she is seeing has other plans? She said that he informed her that was only the second date she saw him on. He was “unsure” if there would be a third one and reassured her he still wanted to date her. What would you do?

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