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Dating: Delete!

4:58 am Aug. 29, 2014

Delete. Delete. Delete. I spent a copious amount of time deleting text messages from an attempted romance. If I could delete the entire memory of the guy from my brain as I did my phone memory, I’d be GOLDEN. Sometimes people turn out to be a colossal waste of time. It happens!

I always like to say that I don’t have regrets but this one I

Pet peeves? Speak up

7:05 am Aug. 28, 2014

You know the first couple of months of a relationship are so sweet and sexy? It really is the fun part! Well, eventually you get to that comfortable stage and things become more routine. This is also when you start to get on each other’s nerves!

My friend Harold is seeing someone who talks way too much at times. I guess it didn’t bother him in the

Relationships: Not a competition

4:43 am Aug. 27, 2014

One of our readers has asked for advice about her new relationship. She has noticed that her guy frequently tries to “one up” her. It started out light hearted and fun competition. After the friendly banter turned to him making snide remarks, she started to think he was serious.

She wondered if he is the type that always has to be on top. Winning is so important to

Are friends keeping you single?

6:54 am Aug. 26, 2014

My friend Victor thinks he would still be with his ex-girlfriend if her friends had not interfered. There were many times when they planted seeds of doubt and made her second guess him. He believes those outside influences contributed to their problems.

This made me think about how some singles like to be single at the same time. When one gets in a relationship, the others may

Relationships: Who am I to you?

7:20 am Aug. 25, 2014

This weekend was stressful for one couple. After the guys failed to introduce his woman as his girlfriend at a social event, things got intense. She could not understand how someone she spends all her free time with, cooks for, and treats like a King, doesn’t want to label her as The Girlfriend.

For his part, he doesn’t understand why she needs the title. They are

Relationships: Are you too comfortable?

7:02 am Aug. 22, 2014

You know how a couple starts to feel comfortable around one another and drop the pretense? This can be a great thing, but some people take it too far. Once the mystery is all but gone and you let it all hang out, things can become a little stale and boring.

This is what one do our readers is going through now. Six months into the relationship and his woman

When you have two options

7:17 am Aug. 21, 2014

The dating dilemma that most of us rarely experience: picking between two people. The first time I had to decide between two great guys, it came down to compatibility. My friend Alex is trying to determine who to pursue based on substance and sex.

The two women both are attractive, but one is a little more sophisticated and smart. They have only kissed. The other

Size matters?

6:22 am Aug. 20, 2014

So I have been a dating blogger for about 100 years and this is a true first, people: A guy told me his date sort of demanded to see his package. YES that package. Apparently, size queens are becoming more direct! She wanted to know what to expect before things went any further with them. He didn’t comply with her request and she thinks it was because

How do you dump someone?

7:45 am Aug. 19, 2014

Have you ever dated someone and start to lose interest? Since there is not a relationship that has to end, you wonder what to really say? It can be tricky, especially when you would be interested in a friendship. Is there a way to let someone down easy and still remain friends with them?

My friend Chris said he realized that he isn’t interested in someone he met

Marriage: Husband qualities?

7:11 am Aug. 18, 2014

There are important things that married couples I know say helped them in their first years of marriage. You are adapting to one another and learning more than you ever did though dating. It helps when you are both mature and good communicators. My friend Chris said a man should possess certain “husband” qualities too.

Chris told me that until he got married, he didn’t know how