Does it matter who proposes?

There is a photo that keeps popping up on social media that generated a little buzz. The image shows a young African American lady bending down in front of her man with a ring… proposing in front of a lot of people. The guy seems shocked and somewhat pleased. I wondered if he said yes, and if so, was he truly ready for this huge step in a relationship.

The reaction to the photo ranged from humor to outrage. I saw blog posts and memes that basically implied that a woman who has to propose to her man is crossing the line. In a heterosexual relationship . this is the man’s job.

Do you think it matters who pops the question? Are there any circumstances you would deem it appropriate for the woman to propose to her man?

Ladies would you consider doing the grand surprise proposals? Guys, what would you do if your woman got down on bended knee and asked you to marry her?

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