Would you date someone like you?

I read somewhere that we are often drawn to people who remind us of ourselves.  On some level, We think that we are most comfortable with people who are very similar to us.  Would you date someone with a similar personality as you?

I think that people who are introvert or not outgoing can be drawn to their counterparts. As often as we hear that opposites attract, there is something to be said about seeking your own personality traits. Laid back and mellow people can easily get turned off by the “live out loud” types -and vice versa.

If you met someone who had a strikingly similar personality as you, do you believe that you could be attracted to them? Have you ever met someone who was eerily close to you in many ways?  Did they mirror back certain parts of your behavior or personality? Did it freak you out or make things less complicated?

Image: bestvideorap.com

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