When dates go bad, who’s to blame?

I recently had a young lady complain to me about a string of awful dates she had had to endure. When I asked her a few follow up questions, it became apparent that she was part of the reason why her dates were so dreadful. She was the type of woman who sits back and waits to be entertained and dazzled. That would work fine if the date was an audition for a show, but in a date setting? That’s bizarre!

Why would you not contribute to the conversation and be engaging on a date? You should both feel attraction and chemistry, so there is a natural flow of interacting with one another. The fact that the young lady did not see that she was to blame let’s me know that some women are so clueless about dating. The easy thing to do is blame the other person, but sometimes we are the problem.

Have you ever had a date that went south and it was partly your fault? Would you offer to give it another shot and improve the impression you made?

What should you do when you are out on a date and things just aren’t flowing? I once asked if we could ditch the boring meal and go bowling just to mix it up. It broke the tension and we had way more fun doing an activity that let us showcase our personalities with trash talking and playful banter. I don’t know why the dinner setting wasn’t conducive to this dynamic. We both felt a stronger attraction with a laid back setting.

If you notice the person checking out and getting bored on your date, what would you do?

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