Are you just the placeholder?


Call me old school, but I am used to knowing whether or not the man I spend time with has good intentions. It’s not enough to talk a good game and kick me slick lines, men let me know what’s up with their consistent actions. This is why I don’t get why some women don’t clearly know where they stand. Sometimes it’s about you being the chick he has in a playpen until the real deal comes along.

My guy friends often get mixed messages from women too. They believe the women they pursue are interested and may even get a bit of reciprocity. Some women master the art of using men as placeholders. They justify their actions and rationalize their behavior but the bottom line is that is wrong. Women should state their intentions to men as well. You only want a sugar daddy or sponsor? Don’t introduce the guy to family and friends. That’s cruel and misleading.

I think people overlook warning signs that they are just placeholders. What do you think are clear indicators that you are the stand-in until the ex comes back or until someone “better” comes along?

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