Dating requirements: Honesty and loyalty

The On The Run tour ran through the Georgia Dome last night and it was quite a show! Beyoncé and Jay-Z seamlessly merged their performances with a set list that kept the energy going. Of course, the parts I loved the most were whenever they were onstage together.

There was one part of the show when Beyoncé sings about being with him for 12 years. Her song Resentment made me think about loyalty and honesty – two things men usually say are important to them. Even that awful song “Loyal” claims that “these girls ain’t loyal” to their men.


I wonder how much honesty and loyalty to men really need and want? I can see a guy remain loyal to his barber, sports team, or childhood friend. His girlfriend or wife may or may not get the same faithfulness. Why does it seem that honesty, loyalty and devotion is harder to give to the people we love?

How important is honesty and loyalty? What do you if someone you were dating shows you that they aren’t being honest or loyal? Is it a deal breaker?

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