Prescreening your dates?


I always wonder if the dating misadventures of men mirror our own. The guys seem to manage the dating scene with a lot more ease then women. At least that is how it seems at times. When I asked a friend Zack why he seems to navigate dating so well, he told me he learned the art of prescreening dates!

Zack admits that there was a time when he went out on a first date with whomever he felt a strong attraction. That led to boring dates with vapid women with no personality. He began to put more effort in finding out whether or not the women he met were first date worthy. Maybe there is something to this – should we all try to weed out the duds early so we don’t waste our time?

What things do you try to find out before the first date even happens? Do you prescreen your dates to see if they would even be pleasant enough to spend 2 hours with hanging out?

Maybe bad dates would go down if we did more intel gathering before we ask them on a first date. What do you think?

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