Real or fake?


Consider this a PSA: Beware of fake people who want fake relationships. There are some single people who like to flex to their friends that they are involved or met someone special. What they really want is a trophy to sport and show off. How do you know if your relationship is real or fake?

It is always helpful to pay close attention to actions – not just words. If they speak about meeting family and friends but that doesn’t happen, it’s possibly fake. Also, a fake relationship is superficial and you will feel when it is a facade – you should learn to spot this type of thing.

My friend Eric was seeing a woman who loved to invite him around her coworkers and church members. They didn’t do much of what he wanted and he soon realized she was trotting him out to make her ex jealous.

Do you know when someone is being upfront and real? Can you spot a fake?

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