Should you compete or move on?

A reader wants advice about dating someone who admits to seeing other people. He thought they were truly getting along well and the interest level was mutual. When she told him that she was seeing other people, it sort of pissed him off. Perhaps it was his ego, but he figured he was keeping her attention and her focus on him.

So many times we think that people meet us and should see how awesome we are and be happy we chose them to date. Yeah, that is ego! Should you compete with other people or move on? Do you think it depends on how much you like them?

A lot of people don’t mind when you date around while others think it is disrespectful. It definitely makes a difference when you are upfront and honest about it. Leading someone to believe they are the only one when they are one of many is unfair. What would you do if someone you really liked had not dropped the other romantic interests while you have?

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