What do you notice first?

Atlanta is one of those cities where people watching can be so very entertaining. If you happen to notice someone you could possibly be interested in, what is it that you notice first? What catches your eye? I always say single chicks don’t get days off; if we went to get a man’s attention we must stay ready to attract one.

Guys often tell me they first notice a woman’s smile first. Ladies tell me they spot a man’s physique. Personally the second I see really great arms, I begin to swoon. It is interesting the things we notice and are impressed by in the “first first” impression! A woman once told me a guy’s shoes lets her know how much to be impressed.

When you go out, do you ever think about what catches the attention you want or don’t want?

What kind if image do you think you project? What type of personal image are you drawn to the most?

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